My name is Kari. I'm a 36-year old pastor's wife living in the midwest. I started blogging when I first moved out on my own. It was a night-only hobby in an era of blogging where blogs were purely web journals that you could share with friends and family. As the years went on, blogs morphed into how-to articles and recipes. I tried doing that for a while, but I wasn't consistent because it wasn't something I was truly passionate about. I felt pressured to go with the crowd because that was really the only way people would care about what I had to say.

Then one day, I decided to go back to the basics. I could blog about my life and still be happy even if no other soul ever read it. So here I am sharing about my life and okay if it falls into the deep, dark corners of the internet. If you've managed to find this, though, welcome. Feel free to peruse these pages and maybe you'll find a thing or two we have in common.

I own my own business providing medical billing and consulting services to healthcare providers all over the United States. You won't be reading much about breastfeeding or cloth diapering here, though, because my husband and I haven't started growing our family (yet).

I enjoy reading, movies, and music. I LOVE traveling to new places and sampling all the local food and having new experiences as long as they're not the thrill-seeking type (jumping out of planes is not on my bucket list). I have a minor addiction to coffee. My preferred method of exercise is yoga, but I'm still trying to get the crow pose. I craft quite a lot and can crochet just about anything you could think of. I have my own podcast and spend too much time on Instagram (@lifeherstyle) You'll likely hear all about all of the above!