Monday, April 18, 2022

Baby's First Easter | Weekend Recap

Being a pastors wife with children on Easter weekend is a little like being a "hunting season widow." You know the experience--your husband is passionate about an activity and throws all of his time and energy into that thing during that season thereby rendering you to fly solo for a bit. Yeah...that's how it is on Easter weekend for a pastor's wife with children. Now, I don't say that as a complaint. In fact, this is the first year I've felt this way. The years before I was deep in the trenches with D planning and preparing for Easter Sunday at our church. Now, with a child in the picture, one of us needs to have our attention focused on her and her needs. So, while I did what I could filling Easter bags and ordering Instacart delivery of donuts, my time was fully focused on our baby while his had to be fully focused on making sure we were ready to receive guests into our church while also being properly prepared to preach a wonderful sermon. 

Given I was doing a little bit of solo-flying, Saturday K and I spent some quality time together. We even made a little trip out for Starbucks and a quick Target pickup order. She clearly couldn't hang as she fell asleep minutes after we pulled out of the driveway. Moms know not to complain about this...silent car rides for coffee and curbside pickups are magical moments. Once we were back home, I did what I could to clean and organize knowing that Sunday was probably going to mean slinging things everywhere; at least we would be doing it on a clean surface.

And...she's out.

I also put together K's first little Easter basket. We got her the sensory strands addition for her play gym, an Oball rattle and David picked a book telling the Easter story. I also thought it would be nice to introduce her to Easter Eggs to help her develop her coordination. I was so excited about giving her new things to explore and play with.

Baby's First Easter Basket

That night, I did a mad dash after putting K to bed...I made treats, filled treat bags for church, took a shower, laid out our Easter clothes and did my nails. I went to bed at 1a.m. Yikes! But the treats were cute and we were properly prepared to get ready Easter morning.

Inspired by late-night Pinterest scrolling...

I let K sleep in on Sunday morning while I did my hair and makeup. Unfortunately, we woke up to bitter cold and sleet (that later turned into snow flakes). So, our Easter would be spent indoors! Once she woke up, I fed her and then got us both in our Easter outfits. The church service was great. Her reaction to her daddy's preaching in no way indicates the status of the was just her nap time. Ha! It was definitely a great celebration of the resurrection of our Lord! (By the way--what do a Donkey, Upper Room and Empty Tomb have in common? It was the topic of D's pretty cool sermon!)

Our traditional Easter Sunday photo
Epitome of a church baby.

We then came back home and I made a small lunch and then we gave K her Easter basket. She loved everything and the eggs were a big hit. don't need expensive things. Those eggs were $1 and I'm pretty sure she'll be playing with them for months. After some lunch and a little play, we all settled in for a nap before heading over to my parents' house for a family Easter dinner. We enjoyed delicious food and quality time. K's cousins sure do love her and it was fun to see them talk to and interact with her.

Everything...straight to mouth.

A new gym activity!

We got home pretty late--past the baby's bedtime even. Since I'm writing this on Sunday evening, I'm gonna guess once you read this, we'll all be sleeping in. It was such a sweet day and I loved celebrating it with our own little munchkin. Seeing new things through her eyes is like seeing them for the first time. I've celebrated lots of Easters...but it felt like the first time all over again.

What was a highlight of your Easter weekend?


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