Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Week of Accidental Quarantine (Weekly Recap)

Nope...we didn't get Covid. No, we didn't come in contact with anyone with Covid (that we know of). But, we didn't leave the house all week. The week started out with car issues met with a snowstorm that kept us from getting the car to the shop until today. So, inadvertently, we quarantined ourselves for the week. Today was actually the first time out of the house to go attend a doctor's appointment with my grandfather and then take the car to the shop and run another errand or two. It felt good to get out for a bit, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm just getting really comfortable being home all the time. 

We started out the week pulling out yet another couple Christmas gifts to create a fun dinner. My brother and his fiance gifted me a Friends Cookbook and I found a recipe inside for ribeye stead (which we had gifted from my husband's sister and her husband). So we made "Phoebe's Pregnancy Steak" from Season 4, Episode 11 "The One with the Fake Party." It was a delicious recipe with a chimichurri compound butter. We even watched the episode while we ate the steak.

I kept my typical work schedule and stayed pretty productive. For date night on Thursday night we pulled out the "Dead of Winter" game again after a pot roast dinner. Saturday morning rolled around and D decided to make me breakfast this time. He made some delicious chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and I lazily sipped on my coffee while he was in the kitchen. The rest of the day I wasn't so lazy as I ended up cleaning the house top to bottom. It felt good to do a deep clean. Though, it seems like everything is back to its typical mess already.

Sunday was a pretty full day with church service and an afternoon business meeting. After all that was finished, I slept a good majority of the evening. I didn't get much else accomplished, but the rest was glorious! And we've rolled out a new season of the LifeHerStyle Podcast (you can see the playlist in the right side of the screen here or find LifeHerStyle podcast on Apple Podcast or Spotify).


  1. I love the idea of cooking a recipe and then watching that episode. What a great idea. And those pancakes look amazing!

  2. Right?! The recipe book has a ton of recipes along with their matching episode. It was so fun!

  3. There are few things better than chimichurri and steak!