Monday, January 11, 2021

The Week They Stormed the Capitol (Weekly Recap)

So far, this is officially the longest, weirdest week of the year. Hopefully, this is where all the drama ends. Though, something tells me it may not. Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, you'll already know that a group of people stormed the US Capitol this week while Congress was working on certifying the election results. While I have lots of opinions, this isn't where I'll be sharing them. Rather, I want to share this for historical reference along with how I felt and some other things that happened this week.

I started the week off poised to get some major work accomplished now that the holidays are over. It went fairly well and I honestly did better than I thought I would. Albeit, I didn't finish my quarterly taxes, so I'll have to work on it this coming week. 

Monday, D made dinner for the both of us; a Mediterranean inspired chicken. It was delicious and only further reminded me of how much more he should probably cook! Ha! Tuesday, though, I saw his delicious dish and raised him some slow-cooked barbacoa street tacos. So, we ate well the first couple of days of the week.

Then Wednesday came and threw us all for a bit of a curve. While I was working, I decided to turn on live coverage of the election certifying process. I was interested especially with the buzz around how the Vice President would handle things. All seemed to be going pretty standard (people arguing, basically) and then in my passive listening I heard, "Everyone get under your seats." It was such a surreal moment going from listening to a pretty normal process to literally watching chaos ensue live on television.

I immediately felt a little concerned. What would this mean for our day-to-day life? Would we start seeing more of this activity and, if so, how dangerous could things get? I've kept a close eye on the news since this all went down. Since then the president has lost his Twitter privileges along with a lot of other people. I'm pretty conflicted about this too. I mean, I understand these companies can reject service to anyone they want at any time. However, I'm not exactly sure that it's ethical. If nothing else it's opening up my eyes more and more to the fact that our social media pages aren't ours and they can be stripped from us at any time. Kinda scary stuff.

After a day of chaos, my grandfather came over and we had some chili that night. Wednesday nights we've basically reserved for having Papa over and just hanging out. It feels good especially since Grandma passed away to have a day reserved for just us. We can sometimes talk about her or other life happenings and it's just a nice landing spot in the middle of the week. 

Thursdays are our date nights every week. This week we decided to stop at a local Neapolitan pizza place (Il Lazzerone). It's one of our favorites and I think this is the second week in a row we've had it. However, we are very choosy about when and where we do sit-down meals during Covid. We go when it's not standard dinner hour and we pick places that don't have a crowd. Both times we've been to Il Lazzerone, there may only be one other couple since it was later in the evening so it felt safe and we were able to enjoy a meal out.

We then came back home to play "Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game". It came with 3 cases along with a practice case. So we decided to pull out the practice case. It took us a span of two evenings to complete (mostly because I fizzled out), but it was really very fun. It includes an online database for matching DNA and fingerprints and stuff, so it feels pretty legit. We're looking forward to delving into the other 3 cases. We did end up figuring out who the murderer was and a loose interpretation of a motive. We called it a win, though.

Friday was spent hustling to get some more work done (and finishing the game from the previous night) and Saturday I spent cleaning the house. Once we got all that done, we ordered some Applebees via Door Dash and settled in. I've also now completed 9 days of my 30-day yoga challenge and Saturday (day 8) was my favorite yet. Whenever Adriene tells you to pull out a pillow and blanket, you know you're sleeping well that night!

We had church services yesterday and I then took a nap (again, longer than I intended). Now we ready ourselves for a jam-packed week. Stay tuned. Hopefully, next week's recap won't involve any national headlines.


  1. It was insane to hear what happened last Wednesday. I have been disappointed in both parties lately. I can't wait for this election to be done and over with. Then maybe we can move on. Your dinners look amazing! I haven't heard of that game before. Sounds fun!

    1. Right?! I really hope we're coming to the end of the chaos. A more normal year is definitely called for! And I highly recommend the game! We're such big gamers around here (especially now with the pandemic and all).