Monday, January 25, 2021

The Week the Chiefs Won...Again (Weekly Recap)

What a week! I feel like I was pretty productive and had a lot of fun at the same time. Monday started off pretty strong sitting down and training my best friend to do some medical billing for my business. I've been really needing help for a long time and she agreed to do some part-time work for me. Not only is it a little bit of a relief to know someone else will be able to help me with my ever-increasing workload, but I had a lot of fun with her that afternoon. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I was really productive with work. Wednesday I watched the inauguration and was pretty sure Lady Gaga was dressed for the Hunger Games. I've also quite enjoyed seeing Bernie Sanders and his big gloves in all the memes. 

Seriously, though. That even looks like a Mockingjay!

Thursday night (date night), we had dinner at Cheddars and took a stroll through TJMaxx. When we came home, we played Exit the Game "Prison Break." It was about an hour-long exit game. Though it was a smaller-scale version, it was still pretty challenging and we successfully broke out!

Friday I worked a half-day and then we had my oldest brother's three kids over. We always love having them over and we enjoyed a few hours of play, fort-building, and mess-making. I'm learning that splitting my attention can be challenging with our growing number of nephews and nieces! D and I usually divide and conquer and we hope to wear them out equally as much as they wear us out!

Saturday we spent the day decluttering the kitchen. We got rid of quite a bit and cleaned out the cabinets so now everything is a little more orderly than it was before. I love when everything has its own space and, thankfully, we accomplished just that. Then I used the clean workspace to make a batch of granola bars from the HealthNut Nutrition Cookbook that I got for Christmas. It was the first time I'd ever made granola bars and they turned out to be pretty awesome! I melted some Lily's semi-sweet chocolate chips into them to add my own little spin on the recipe. They remind me of Kind bars.

Sunday we chilled out after church and then headed over to my Dad's house to watch the big game! And wouldn't you know it, the Kansas City Chiefs won the division championship AGAIN! Off we go to the Super Bowl and we are already thinking about our menu for Super Bowl Sunday. Thankfully, we have a couple of weeks to perfect it!

How was your week? Did you watch the football games this past Sunday? What are your favorite Super Bowl snacks?


  1. Those granola bars look really good. I like the idea of making my own bars too. Yay for a Chiefs win. I will be rooting for them in the Super Bowl.

    1. It was definitely a first for me, but even my husband liked them! I'll have to get creative with them! And I'm so excited about the game! Hopefully we get another win!