Monday, January 4, 2021

Happy New Year! (Weekly Recap)

This week has actually been more relaxing than I initially expected. I started off the week getting back to my work routine. Thankfully, my week off the week before didn't set me back too much and I didn't have to dig out of a deep, dark hole of work. It actually gave me hope that I can have an actual vacation this year without worrying that the business is suffering.

Our NYE decorations...

The winter weather did finally set in this week, though. We had one day towards the beginning of the week of mostly ice. Power was out in many areas around town, but fortunately, we kept both our power and our internet. There were a lot of down tree limbs because of the heavy ice, but I've actually seen it much worse. This is another perk of having a home-based business because we didn't have to get out in any of it.

Most times on New Year's Eve, D and I stay home and celebrate with just the two of us. So this year, that was nothing new. We celebrated the 8-year anniversary of the day he proposed...right at midnight. We reminisced, made homemade sushi (which was actually quite messy this time), and played "Dead of Winter" for the first time. We actually beat the game with just the two of us. Though, D informed me we played the easiest level of the game. So, our next games may really be the test. At any rate, we had a good time ringing in the new year together

A cooperative, zombie apocolypse survival board game. 

The game all set up.

Our DIY sushi setup.

My sushi creations. Not really my best work.

My forever NYE midnight kiss!

On New Years Day, we got to finally celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. I spent most of the day preparing and then that evening we went to my Dad's for our planned Christmas celebration. I contributed a charcueterie plate which I've been studying to perfect one day. It looked pretty great, but I would really love to kick it up a notch the next time. This was also the day we happened to get a few inches of snow, but it wasn't enough to deter us from celebrating.

After dinner, we opened gifts (which always tends to be kinda chaotic but awesome all at once). I loved everything I got...and it's clear that my family knows how much I really love the "Friends" TV Series. I also got the Healthnut cookbook which I hope to employ in the new year.

This wasn't everything, but it was all my "Friends" themed gifts.

Saturday I tried to get things organized and back together after all the activity of the previous two days. Though, I was also feeling exhausted, so I can't say I got everything done that I originally intended. I did start a 30 Day Yoga Journey with Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. For 30 days, I will be doing yoga  every day. I used to do yoga very regularly and had built quite a bit of strength and flexibility. With the virus this year, I fell out of it for some reason. The first couple of days back have been challenging, but also felt good. It's clear that I'm starting from the beginning again, though. I'm certainly not as flexible and yesterday I was kinda sore. I'm looking forward to seeing my transformation at the end of the 30 days. If it's anything like the first time I did this, I'll be pleased with the outcome and how much strength and flexibility improves.

Yesterday we had church service and I took the longest afternoon nap that I've taken in such a long time. I definitely didn't plan to sleep as long as I did, but my body was definitely telling me I needed sleep. So I listened. I really just lounged the rest of the day to try to build up my strength and energy for the week ahead. The first few days of 2021 have been enjoyable, and I'm certainly praying this year is a recovery year after a very tumultuous 2020!

How would you rate the first few days of 2021? Your predictions for the New Year? Will we finally get rid of this virus or run out of TP again?


  1. Happy New Year! I know a lot of this coming year is still so up in the air, but I'm feeling hopeful about things! I'm branching out into a new work journey with my photography, and I'm so excited for that!

    1. That's so awesome! I'm feeling hopeful too! My husband sort of poked a little fun at me, "Just because we made the switch from 2020 to 2021 doesn't mean everything magically changed." Yes, but my mind magically changed! Attitude is half of the battle and joy is found where hope abounds! :) Best wishes on your new endeavor!

  2. Look at all that friends gear! I love Friends. And I had no idea that you got engaged on NYE! What a fun way to spend each NYE! I have never heard of that game. It sounds fun!

    1. Friends makes me feel so nostalgic for simpler times. It was to my benefit they started coming out with all kinds of swag! :) Our engagement does give us something to look forward to (and we'll never forget the date-ha!) And I highly recommend the game. We've played it twice already on easy levels and won both times. I'm sure by the time we reach medium or high levels of difficulty, we may start losing! lol.

  3. I'm trying to get back into my work routine, but I sure do miss vacation! I'm just hoping that we can safely resume traveling this year. Happy New Year!

    1. I hear you on travel! I need a vacation so bad! Ready for a beach or NYC (though, that one may take a bit longer it seems). Here's to getting back to the swing of things!

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