Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Year in Review: Images of 2020

This is the year that toilet paper was nowhere to be found (for no apparent reason other than people freaked out and that's the thing they thought they needed boatloads of). It was the year of a tumultuous presidential election that is still making headlines. It was the year for lockdowns, masks, social distancing and evading the dreaded Covid-19. You all know this, but when I come back and read this, I may need a reminder.

Despite all the newspaper headlines we read about 2020, my year personally had quite a few highs and lows. I figured I'd recap them all in photos because those say a thousand words and I wouldn't want my hands to cramp trying to keep up!

Grandma started chemo after successful surgery to remove the affected kidney and ureter.

The Chiefs made it to the Superbowl. We took advantage of the display at Union Station in Kansas City.

Even D got on the fun despite this not being his home state.

And I went all-in on attire.

The Chiefs won the Superbowl and the family attended the parade. 7 of us spent the night crowded in one hotel room. We then walked about 3 miles to the rally location. It was a long, long day.

It was also very cold (Dad was the most prepared and even he was cold). Even if they win again this year, we're never doing that again. Once is enough.

We all learned how to make our booms stand up on their own.

For Valentine's Day, we went on our last vacation of 2020...an AirBNB in Parkville, MO.

We had our last fancy meal out at a French restaurant. Cafe De Amis!

Headed to TN to see family in March only to discover things started flying off the shelf.

Came home and began the long season of having online church services during the shutdown.

Tried to stay connected with friends by hosting online game nights every week. This one was from our Pictionary game night.

Started wearing masks before we knew we'd have to wear them for everything.

Hosted Easter service from our living room.

The obligatory Easter Sunday picture. 

D preaching his Easter message from the living room.

Saw a rainbow. And it was the highlight of lockdown.

Grew my first garden.

Learned to cut my own hair. This is the before pic.

After my self-induced haircut.

Made my own sushi cause I couldn't stand life without it any longer.

It was pretty good.

Did everything we could to entertain ourselves during the summer months.
Hit the golf course.

Hit the pool.

Did some go-cart racing.

Discovered a new love for at-home escape games.

Redecorated our living room. Obviously, this is the before pic.

Used my stimulus money to buy a new couch. Dubbed it the "Trump Couch".

The after of the redecorating project! I love it.

Started having drive-up service on Sundays and had to babysit the sound equipment every Sunday morning with my cup of coffee until church started.

Despite all the treatments, cancer took my grandmother on October 7th.
Grieved (and am still grieving) my first big loss. Would go through 2020 over and over again if it meant more time with her.

That brings us to the present day. Trying to enjoy family and the magic of Christmas.
Looking forward to 2021 and hopefully a less chaotic year of hurdles and hassles.


  1. What a year! You did a great job documenting. The little details will hopefully be hard to remember soon enough!
    You did a fantastic job on your hair and that sushi looks scrumptious. So very sorry about losing your grandmother. Death is an enemy always, but it feels especially hard this year when families and friends can't be together to grieve.

    1. Thank you!! The year presented so many challenges for all of us, and yet I think we all grew a little more. I am definitely praying the harder parts become a distant memory, though! ha!

  2. Oh, what a great idea! I love that you have these images to look back on such a crazy year. Who knew 2020 would be the year of wearing a mask. I'm so sorry, too, for the loss of your grandmother.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, there's been a lot of unexpected things about this year, but I'm hoping I'm learning something from it. I'm also hoping that all the chaos will be over soon. Thank you so much for the condolences. That part has by far been the hardest about all of 2020.