Sunday, June 7, 2020

Eating Healthy...But I Can Still Have Cookies

Day 1 of eating gluten-free and dairy-free is in the books. I'm full. I'm satisfied. I don't yet feel like I'm missing out on anything. If this is successful and I am actually able to control my inflammation and lose some weight along the way, I'm never going back. It's probably still pretty early on in the process to be saying stuff like this, but I just wanted hammer home the idea that this first day was a breeze.

I started the day with a brunch of 2 eggs and 2 pieces of sugar-free bacon along with a glass of orange juice and coffee with Nut Pods Creamer and Truvia. The coffee was a bit of a change because I usually do whipping cream and Truvia, so I need to experiment with the amount of Nut Pods to use. I only used 2 tablespoons and I don't feel like it was creamy enough.

Phase 1 of my coffee...a plant-based half n' half.

Phase 2 of the coffee to sweeten it up!

A few hours later I tried my first smoothie with greens. I've had fruit smoothies before, but I've never added any veggies to it. I tried it and, though I had a hard time getting past the green color, it wasn't too bad and I'll probably have it again.

I was legitimately concerned about trying this, but it was good!

A little later on I felt like a snack so I tried the Plant Snacks Vegan Cheddar Cassava Root Chips. These were kind of a play on Cheese Nips in terms of style and tasted more like a cheddar cracker. I really liked them and will likely keep picking this up at the health food store.

Such a good salty, cheesy snack!

For dinner, I made a pizza with Chebe Gluten-Free Pizza Crust. I used Amore Pesto Paste as the base and then loaded it down with onions, peppers, tomatoes, kale and some shredded buffalo chicken I had made previously. This filled me up and then some.

This was way better than I imagined!

Later on, I made these wonderful gluten-free chocolate chunk cookies. I found the recipe on Instagram from FitMenCook. It was AMAZING! Albeit, I ate two cookies and I probably should've stopped at one because they are pretty filling.

My favorite GF sweet treat. Yeah, it's only day 1, but it's my favorite right now.

Looking back on the day, though, I don't feel like I ate too much. I feel very full right now.  I'm drinking Zevias and VitaminWater Zero still which are both zero-calorie drinks. Occasionally I mix the VitaminWater and black tea or green tea with it which is pretty tasty too!

I enjoyed experimenting today and looking forward to hopefully some improvements in my body in the near future! If nothing else, I still did well with the calorie count for the day and kept my sugar intake under control. Today, I feel on top of the world. It can't be this easy forever, though, can it?


  1. I am a pescetarian - those vegan cheese snacks look amazing!! and the cookies look delish too.

    1. Sweet! If I liked fish more, I could see myself going that route. I went vegan for about 3 years for health reasons and didn't have too much difficulty till we moved back to the midwest and I didn't have as many options. I did learn how to enjoy more plant-based items through it, in the long-run it really helped me. And let me tell you both the vegan cheese snacks AND the cookies are SO GOOD! I actually just ate two cookies and I can still hardly believe they are GF and vegan!

  2. I'm trying to eat healthier too! It's so hard, but it looks like you are doing great!