Saturday, May 2, 2020

DIY Quarantine Ice Cream and Other Pandemic Happenings

This has been quite the crazy week of not leaving the house. I did get a small taste of the outside life when I finally gave up trying to get some of my favorite coffee from the grocery store and broke down and ordered some pickup Yirgacheffe from Target. Their Archer Farms stuff is pretty good and was in stock. I had also found out that our Starbucks opened its drive-thru after a month of being closed, so I cashed in some of my points for a free frappuccino. Then I strapped on my mask and walked into Target for the first time in months. MONTHS, people!

This moment had to be documented!

And so did this one!

I was a little put at ease to see so many people were wearing masks too (I was honestly a little self-conscious wearing one in at first). I fought the heavy urge to rummage through the Dollar Spot and got in line at a social distance until it was my turn to pick up my order. I mourned my previous Target experiences even though I finally got to grace it's doors again.

I also decided to switch up my coffee routine and ordered a great pour-over coffee pitcher. It came in time for our date night when we decided to set up a "coffee shop" in our living room and play games. I think we just both really miss our visits to the coffee shop!

The living room definitely felt like a coffee shop like this!

But the highlight of this week was my discovery of DIY Ice Cream with this amazing little single-serve ice cream maker. Heavy cream, sugar and vanilla flavoring later and I had a smooth ice cream base. Then I added a helping of crushed Oreos for a little blizzard experience. Honestly, this is now my favorite kitchen appliance. Also, none of my links are affiliate links...I honestly just love it.

Very much like soft-serve ice cream!

Oreo Sonic Blast, anyone?

That brings us to just a few days before our "Shelter in Place" order ends in town. The unsettling thing is our figures of Covid cases are QUICKLY increasing because of the meatpacking plant in our town. Once it hit there, our 20-something cases are now well over 200 within just a few days. Yet, we're opening up again come Monday. I can't say I'll be going out to Target any time soon. Nor will we be eating out in restaurants until the numbers of cases slow down a little. We're also not in a hurry to start holding normal church services, but we will be having our first drive-up service this Sunday. We'll see how that goes for now.

How are things where you are? Many Covid case? Is your lockdown ending soon too?


  1. Ok, a single serve ice cream maker would be so dangerous in my house!! Yum!!
    Yes, our area is opening up just a little bit. It's a small town, so there wasn't that much to do to begin with, but we are still going to be cautious. We've been meeting with our congregation every week on Zoom! It's been great!

    1. Oh it is extremely dangerous! The good thing, though, is you could do healthy stuff (like frozen yogurt). Though, that oreo concoction was NOT the healthy stuff! lol! We're definitely going to be cautious here too. Our numbers are increasing pretty dramatically and we aren't in a very big town. Our first drive in service was AWESOME yesterday and I'm happy to be done filming services. lol!

  2. I think that ice cream maker would be such a great gift! my egg cooker is that same brand and I love it. definitely making a mental note of the ice cream maker, yumm!

    1. I've actually had my eye on that brand egg cooker! I definitely like this ice cream does so much more than I've gotten to try yet (want to try my hand at sorbet...and if I liked frozen yogurt I would try that too!) lol!