Thursday, April 23, 2020

Things I'm Enjoying During the Pandemic

There are a lot of things to be hating right now. First of all, we can't go out to our favorite stores (RIP leisurely strolls through Target or TJMaxx). Dining out at our favorite restaurants is non-existent and getting some pampering via manicures and pedicures seems to be not as essential as we thought. But even through all this loss, I'm finding so many things that I'm enjoying. I figured I should probably list them so that I remember this time (and maybe remind you of things you can enjoy as well).

Uninterrupted Routine

First of all, I'm thankful for a seemingly uninterrupted routine. I was constantly trying to set up a routine in the pre-pandemic time in history. Unfortunately, I faced a lot of unexpected interruptions to said routine. Now basically every day is the same (other than the weekends with church planning and all). So, it's a blank canvas for whatever routine my little heart desires. I feel like for the last few weeks I've kind of taken this for granted. Not anymore! My desire to wake up at a more reasonable hour for breakfast and devotions, follow it up with a workout and post-workout smoothie and round it out with a shower before I get to work can now become reality. I don't know what I was waiting for this whole time!

Adequate Amounts of Sleep

Before the pandemic, I was waking up between 6:30 or 7 every morning to see my husband off for a day of substitute teaching. That time is way too early for me to function, so the idea of making myself a healthy breakfast or even having the energy to workout wasn't even realistic. I was lucky to somehow stumble to the coffee maker to get myself a cup of coffee (which was about the only way I would survive). Now I go to bed sometime between 11 and 12 and get out of bed at around 8 the next morning. I feel refreshed and those afternoon bouts of drowsiness don't exist anymore. Who knew I just needed a different sleep routine?

More Time To Explore Hobbies

The fact that I've started podcasting and picked back up with the blog is an indication that I can now explore things I'm interested in that have nothing to do with making money. It feels pretty liberating, to be honest. Before I was spending so much time and energy working to make money that I've really let go of a lot of things I'm interested in. I love crafting, but I was honestly doing so much of it before for friends who would ask me to make things. Now I can't get to the craft store to buy supplies for things people are requesting (the number of friends who have asked me to make face masks for them is crazy), so I'm no longer filling "orders" for anything because I literally can't. So other things are possibilities and I'm really enjoying all the new stuff I can do!

Having an Organized Space

There are very few areas of the house that are disorganized now thanks to this isolation period. Now I'm looking forward to doing some decorating in this clean slate! My husband has even tackled the craziness that was our basement and it's much more organized and less chaotic. There are a few more things I'd like to pair down (I am a bit of an aspiring minimalist), but having things in their own place feels really good and allows me the space to be productive when I need to be or relax when I feel like doing nothing. Clutter happens to be really distracting for me, so I don't really have to worry about that as much.

Concerts in my Living Room

D and I just had a date night and we discovered the music of Jacob Collier. Honestly, just sitting there listening to his music and watching him create on our television was so relaxing and enjoyable. Now I'm pretty sure when the pandemic decides to leave us alone, we're going to have to book tickets for one of his concerts (if he ever plays in the US...a lot of his tours are in other countries). The experience itself was something I probably would've decided I needed to scroll through my Facebook feed while I was listening. Not with this. It was captivating, relaxing and inspiring all at once. I went ahead and added it here in case you wanted to have the same experience we did!

Freedom from Social Media

During the first part of the pandemic, I did a lot of scrolling through Facebook. I realized, though, that I was wasting a lot of time doing that rather than other things I'm interested in (like writing a blog post, perhaps). So I decided to delete the Facebook apps off my phone and only check Facebook twice a day on another device. Its actually quite liberating right now and I don't feel like I'm missing much (other than super annoying political debates or pandemic conspiracy theories). I do still have my Instagram account and I scroll through that a little, but it is nowhere near the black hole of time loss that Facebook was for me.

Free Food Delivery

Honestly, I never really knew the joy of having something other than Pizza Hut delivered to my door. It started with Chipotle and we were actually getting it once or twice a week for a while. Then I discovered that one of our BBQ joints in town also does free delivery and the meals we got were super affordable. It was something different AND something I didn't have to cook which was a huge bonus.

Time with the Hubs

Sure, being in close quarters with someone 24/7 can have its challenges. But honestly, we've had a really good time during this pandemic. We're doing more things together in the evenings (like playing "war" or getting lost in YouTube videos). We do the things separately that we need to do and then we enjoy coming together after all of it to enjoy each other's company. And, honestly, it's been really nice having D around to help out with chores. It's taken a lot off of my plate in the evenings when I'm done with work and just ready to chill out.

I think that's about it for now. That's a pretty long list and, if you read all the way to the bottom, you deserve my applause. 👏👏👏👏👏 What are you currently enjoying about your time in isolation? Goe head...add to my list!


  1. Amen to all of this! It's important to find the bright spots.

    1. Right?! Once I started making this list, it was crazy to think how much of it I'm really enjoying! Sure, I'm still looking forward to when all this goes away, but sometimes the experience is what you make it! :) Thanks for stopping in!