Sunday, April 26, 2020

How Deleting This One App Changed My Life

This week has been such a different and more refreshing week than all the other weeks of this pandemic. In fact, I'm not quite as stir-crazy as I have been in recent weeks, and, honestly, I might be getting used to this. Not that it's a good thing to get used to, but just that I don't feel as downright miserable as I have in past weeks. I realized I had a problem (well, I had a few but I'm only talking about one right now) that was kind of keeping me from having the experience I wanted out of this situation.

The Problem: 

Every morning when I first wake up I roll over, grab my phone, and spend 30-45 minutes scrolling through my Facebook to see what happened while I was sleeping. You would think that would be pointless considering I spent the same amount of time before I rolled over and went to sleep the night before doing the same thing.  My weekly phone usage report would tell me I spend 4-5 hours on my phone each day most of which was spent on Facebook. I couldn't even tell you why I would do this because scrolling through my feed just increases my stress level. Everyone has an opinion or an argument and the amount of energy it takes to keep myself from posing my own opinion or argument in return is unreal. I enjoy seeing people's current events and family updates, but the amounts of those have been greatly diminished and replaced with memes and articles about things that you have to question the validity of. And, quite frankly, I don't trust Facebook's approach to "fake news" by telling me which articles are fact or not. I would just assume figure those things out myself, thanks.

The Solution:

After a pretty frustrating few days of doing stuff but never feeling productive in the things I want to be productive in, I decided to delete the Facebook app off my phone. Completely getting rid of Facebook altogether wasn't practical, though. The existence of my Facebook profile wasn't the problem, it was the amount of time I was spending using it. During this pandemic, I wanted to read more and do more, but for some reason, my phone became a distraction from getting those things done. So I decided that I would check Facebook twice a day on my iPad and spend the rest of the day doing the things I really wanted to do. According to my most recent iPhone usage report, I'm down 25% this week.

The Outcome:

Doing this has significantly improved my daily life even in the pandemic. I haven't felt like I'm missing out on anything and have made lots of wonderful changes without much of an issue. The first thing that changed is that I'm getting out of bed earlier after getting an uninterrupted night of sleep. Not only that, but I'm waking up before my alarm even goes off! Because of those things that started happening almost naturally, there started a domino effect of positive adjustments throughout the whole rest of the day.

Because I'm waking up earlier, I started working out first thing in the morning instead of at the end of the day. I then take my shower and sit down for breakfast and devotions before my workday starts. Before I was eating breakfast while I started work because I just wasn't getting my day started soon enough. I'd also been doing my devotions at night when I was struggling to keep my eyes open, so I know for sure I wasn't benefitting enough from that time. This adjustment gives me about 20-30 minutes of quiet time to just chill for a bit before jumping into the workday and it's GLORIOUS. I've noticed that a combination of all of the above has led to being more alert throughout the day and not struggling with afternoon sleepiness. All of that has led to being more productive.

Though I'm getting more things checked off the list, I'm also doing things I've been wanting to do but haven't been doing like reading more books. For the first time in YEARS, I sat and read in silence for a whole hour the other day. I'm thinking if I keep going at this rate, the stack of books beside my bed is going to finally get read!

And the best of all is the fact that I was able to accomplish all of that just by deleting one little app from my phone. I even went a whole day without thinking to check Facebook at all! I didn't have to deactivate the account, I just had to make it less accessible by taking it out of my hand 24/7. I'm not sure what else in my life I can improve upon during this time, but this one area may make the whole thing worth it. I'm a little bit nostalgic for the '90s anyway, so this just got me a tad bit closer to my favorite era. And, hopefully, this will mean I'll be more inclined catching up with friends the old fashioned way after this pandemic is over!

What about you? What app could change your life if you deleted it?


  1. WAY TO GO! That's an amazing accomplishment. I have done social media free weekends, but it doesn't stick. It's actually embarrassing how hard going a day or two is. The temptation is ever more present with the current circumstances as well. I'm so impressed!

    1. Aw, thanks!! I honestly never thought I would get to a point where I wanted to distance myself from social media. But I think some of the negativity floating around out there pushed me over the edge. It's also helpful that I didn't completely quit, but just simply took it off my phone. I've checked it once this morning over my morning breakfast...and that was enough for me today! lol!

  2. that's awesome and it's great to realize how much better you feel after deleting it. I also would delete facebook, but I buy too many adorable baby clothes in the resale groups... which is also another reason why I should delete it HAHA.

    1. LOL!! I definitely get that! And you're buying baby's necessary even if they are adorable! Ha! This whole experience has really opened my eyes to the things I really don't need in my life. Facebook and responsibilities. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank ya! I think this pandemic has me focusing on my priorities these days!