Monday, April 13, 2020

An Isolated Easter Sunday

We're on day 21 of self-isolation. I've now only left the house twice. I ended Lent on Easter morning, dressed up in my Easter dress and went out before our church's online service started to pick up Starbucks and donuts. To my dismay, all my hopes for my first frappuccino since Fat Tuesday were dashed when I discovered that both of the Starbucks in town closed because of the pandemic. I did grab a couple of donuts (rainbow sprinkles).

The weekends have become a big frenzy during the pandemic and it leaves very little time for recreation these days. We can't have church services in our building and our first attempt at live streaming service fell flat when the feed would pause because so many people were watching church on Facebook. So now we film our church services on Saturday and my husband spends several hours editing to make it a nice, seamless service. There are so many technical issues that we face once we try to get the edited video on Facebook. It's madness. Once the service starts, we both take to our laptops to interact with church members. It's exhausting, but it's what we have to do right now.

This Sunday got even crazier when someone showed up at our door right as service was starting asking for financial assistance. We get this quite a bit because our church is right on a main road in town. Since we don't keep any cash on hand (and it's not really that great to be in the habit of giving cash to anyone who shows up at your door...we'd have people at our door constantly), we typically try to connect people with local resources to help meet their needs. So, as you can imagine, we missed the first 20 minutes of service helping the person. We're always happy to do what we can for people, but when they show up at your home when you're not expecting it during a pandemic, things get a little stressful.
We still dressed up!
After properly disinfecting the entry-way once our surprise visitor left, I sat down to participate in our church service. We took communion on our couch and, though it was an unconventional sort of thing, it felt good to know I was participating in something that our church family was too. It was a neat form of connection to God and each other that I loved.

Determined to feel like this was a "normal" Easter, I put together a full Easter supper with a roast and all the fixings. Later in the day, I tried my hand at Dalgona coffee (also known is whipped coffee). You basically take 2 tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar and warm water and whip it into a foam and serve over iced milk. I wasn't really a big fan, but I think I might've gotten the wrong coffee. I think I'll try it again with Starbucks via. I have high hopes for it because how can whipped coffee be bad?!

That brings us to a new week and I've now sincerely worn myself out from a full, busy day of work. Now we're binging "The Masked Singer" while I'm lounging on the couch typing away. I best go pay attention because I am sure I have 2 of them figured out from season 1.

What are you binging right now? Other than the Tiger King?


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