Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2019 Reflection: New York City Trip Day 2 of 3

Yesterday, I outlined the first day of our 3-day NYC trip. We really tried to make the most out of our trip for the least amount of money possible and we seriously saw so much in just a short span of time. I'm pretty sure it still wasn't enough, though, and we are already talking about the next time we get to go.

On day 2, we slept in a little bit. It was amazing waking up and looking out the window to the bustling street below. We were too tired to be bothered by the trash trucks coming by in the early hours. The tiny little apartment proved to be such a cozy place to rest after the first day. By morning, my poor feet were aching a little. Though, they had no idea what was to come!

After slowly making our way out of bed, we decided to walk around the corner to find us a NYC bagel. The walk itself seemed like something out of the movies with the little row houses on either side of the streets. Nannies were all over the place pushing strollers. You could distinctly tell who were the nannies and who were the moms because the nannies always looked slightly professional while the moms were all in yoga pants. I found this pretty intriguing and kept constantly pointing it out to D.
Such a cute, quiet little New York Street!
Our bagel and schmear! Delicous!

After getting a bagel, we decided we didn't want to spend our time in the city underground in the subway. We wanted to see as much of the city as we could! Our plan was to take the subway down to the southernmost tip of Manhattan and spend the day walking back up toward Time Square. We made our way to One World Trade and got out to take in the majesty of the Occulus. That place was AMAZING! We spent a lot of time in there taking pictures because it was just spectacular!

The Occulus...there were people cleaning the windows above us! SCARY!
Then we stepped outside to catch our first glimpse of One World Trade and the 9/11 Memorial Park. While we were certainly enjoying our trip, our time there was somber and D and I swapped stories of our thoughts and fears that fateful day. It was humbling to stand there and listen to the water flow in the reflecting pools and think that people had suffered and died in that place. We truly felt they had done a wonderful job honoring the memory of those who died that day and since through the beautiful landscapes and installations.

This thing was amazing in it's own right...reflecting the skies!

One of the two reflecting pools. Everyone was very quiet and respectful around them.

Our reflection in the reflection of  The World Trade Towers.
We had a hard time pulling ourselves away from the 9/11 Memorial, but once we did we made our way a little further south to Battery Park. We grabbed a hot dog and sat down to the view of the Statue of Liberty. We also walked over to the Staten Island Ferry just to see it before starting the walk north.
Seeing it from the park was enough...I get sea sick.

Maybe I'll try it next time!
We started walking up Broadway to spot The Bull. While getting our picture taken in front of it would've been great, people were all over that thing! You could barely see the bull through the crowd! Out of all the places we saw in NYC that little area was the most crowded of all!

Amazing how this bull was the center of all the NYC attention!
We also stopped by Trinity Church and spent some time in the grounds around including that of Alexander Hamilton. D went inside to see the chapel (the rest was under construction) while I stayed on one of the benches resting my feet. This was also a very important place during 9/11. It was right across from The World Trade Center, but was not damaged during the attack. The church opened it's doors to rescue workers that came to find the missing and volunteers served them food. I feel it was fitting that a church was the place of sanctuary for the weary during that time.

So amazing that this building wasn't damaged on 9/11!

Alexander should see the pennies all over the foot of this thing!

We can now say we spent some time on Wall Street. We came home broke, though.
After stopping off at a Starbucks to rest our feet again and get out of the rain, we made our way to Dominque Ansel bakery where I had it on my heart to try a famous Cronut. I was distraught when we got there to find they were out. However, we did pick up a couple chocolate croissants and I tried a macaroon and we ate it out on their back patio. The croissants were delicious, so I could only imagine how the cronuts are. Maybe next time!

Delicious! But they better have some Cronut next time!

We then headed to Washington Square park where I discovered my backpack strap had come apart. Considering we still had the rest of that day and the whole next day to go before heading home, I knew I needed a quick fix. I ducked into a CVS and bought a ridiculously expensive tube of super glue! That just goes to show you how much we were walking around! So we sat down in front of the Arc (one of my favorite resting spots) and I super glued my backpack while we listened to a wonderful street performer.

The bag ripped and I ended up losing that scrunchie the next day in the library. *shrug*

Me supergluing my backpack in the shadow of One World Trade at Washington Square Park.

So beautiful!

Us...being us.
We went into the Empire State Building just to check out the lobby area (we didn't go up in it...way too expensive) and then shopped around in the neighborhood for a bit.

The Empire State Building from the ground. No one takes this picture, so I did.

A replica of the Empire State building inside the Empire State Building. Hmm.

The original elevator banks (Hello, Sleepless in Seattle).

We finally reached Time Square after dark and sat down to enjoy some food truck cuisine while taking in the mesmerizing lights around us. Before heading back to the apartment, we grabbed some $1 pizzas to go and took a short subway ride to spare our feet from Time Square to the Upper East Side. There we sat on the couch eating pizza and watching Friends.

My Time Square taco truck experience...

So amazing!
At this point, we had walked another 12 miles and I could barely walk considering my calves and feet hurt so bad, but I was having the time of my life. Who cared? The post on day 3 coming your way soon! Stay tuned!


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